Give your body a 3-day alcohol detox over the weekend and reap the benefits

Alcohol may give you a enjoyment for a night, but it can never give you better productivity and better health.

Are you someone who consumes alcohol every weekend? Drinking alcohol has become a trend to enjoy the moment but it has made us forget the genuine ways to enjoy our life.

Alcohol is an essential party ingredient, but skipping alcohol this weekend can be really beneficial for you and your body.

3 day alcohol detox

Let’s discuss about some of the major mental and body benefits that you can achieve after skipping the alcohol for this weekend.

Maintain healthy liver

Don’t you think it’s a great idea to give your liver a break from alcohol? Alcohol is damaging your liver and drinking constantly on every weekend can prove to be hazardous for your liver and other vital organs.

Problem is most of the people are so much used to of consuming alcohol every weekend that they don’t realize that it’s actually responsible for the majority of health problem.

Explore new possibilities

The moment you decide that you are not going to party or skip alcohol this weekend, you get into the mental state of exploring new possibilities. Problem is, most of the people in the current generation have forgotten to enjoy without alcohol.

You can plan various activities like going out and having some delicious food, you can spend a whole day with the person you love while watching Netflix or playing games.

Save some money

If you are short on your salary you have reason to blame your weekend parties, alcohol is responsible for spending too much.

Skip alcohol this weekend and calculate how much money you have saved for yourself, I am sure you will be able to save thousands of bucks every year.

3 day alcohol detox


No doubt alcohol lets you socialize but it never let you establish some quality communication. While skipping alcohol this weekend can help you socialize more within your family and relatives.  

Work on a new routine

Instead of parting, you can choose to join some boot camp or workshops to learn new skills or upgrade your skills.

Stay more productive

You don’t have to deal with next day hangover and you will be experiencing more concentration at your work.

Stay in shape

Obesity is the biggest health issue all over the world and it’s taking more lives than any other disease. Many people are struggling to maintain their size or reduce their size because of the regular consumption of alcohol.

You might be controlling your diet for 4 days, but those 3 days of boozing is ruining your all hard work.

Carole Payne

Carole Payne, 27 years, life coaching, advice, and tips

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