Couples Extraordinary Bucket List: Fun new activities for energetic couples

It is a misconception that couples cannot engage in adventure and fun activities. Common sense is shaped by couples focusing on doing romantic things together – watching a romantic movie, having a formal dinner, drinking wine etc. However, there are some crazy things that couples can do in order to strengthen their bond and keep their relationship strong.

A relationship should be enriched with various experiences in order to break the monotony of the routine. We are here to suggest some things that will make sure that the monotony is completely broken. Let’s start:

  1. Drop the Technology for a day

Spend a full day without using anything that is related to technology. This means your smartphone, pc, tablet etc. You will be amazed to see how rewarding this is.

  1. Get a couples massage

Couples massage is very common for many couples around the world. The feeling of lying next to your other half while relaxing is remarkable. It may cost a bit high but is definitely worth the price

  1. Cook dinner together

Cooking with your other half is a fun and rewarding experience. Many times, this leads to not so good food but it is always one of the best date ideas. You can expand this a bit more and take cooking lessons together. However, this isn’t about the food quality, this is about the activity and the bonding time.

  1. Take a Road Trip

Taking a road trip to a new place that you have never visited before is always a good idea! Just be careful to not get lost! Even if you do though, it can lead to fun moments.

  1. Have a shisha together

One of the best activities that couples can do together is to experience a hookah session. You can smoke hookah if you are abroad or even if you are at your own country. Probably, there are many hookah bars available around you. Even if there are not, you can always buy a new hookah. I suggest that you buy a  glass hookah. Glass hookahs are very nice and impressive. A girl that respects hookahs will fall in love with such item!

  1. Stay up all night long

There is a huge chance that you already did this.. when you first started dating. Why don’t you try it again then? It will be a night full of laugh, fun, chat and maybe some naughty things! This is, in fact, a great idea for couples that seem to be tired of the monotony.

  1. Sexting is always a good idea

Try sexting your partner when he/she is at work. It is extremely erotic and will definitely turn on your partner very much! I bet you are going to have lots of fund in the night!


Carole Payne

Carole Payne, 27 years, life coaching, advice, and tips

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