Ways to make your weekdays bearable


Monday is not for all of us. This is the dreaded day of the week and almost no one is looking forward to it. People, in a light tone, ask why Saturday closer is to Monday but Monday is farther away from Friday? Indeed, the thought of us relaxing on the weekends is still too blatant on Mondays. A corporate study shows that most workers are not comfortable until Tuesday. Thus, we need some life hacks as how to make the weekdays bearable.

Prepare yourself for the coming workdays


Nothing is more dreadful on a Monday morning when you come in for work late or you forgot something and would have to go back to your house. The preparation is not only on the materials things that you need but it should also be of emotional and mental. Think of things that you need to accomplish before the weekend ends and think of what are you going to prepare to achieve them. When you are well prepared for a Monday morning, it will give you relaxed feeling instead of being frantic.

Do exercises before starting your weekdays


Prior to getting busy that work, wake up early and do exercises. Get your blood to heat up and condition your body with the stretches and pushups. You can do it outside in a park so that you can appreciate the greeneries while you are exposed to the sun. This will prevent you from feeling the gloom of the weekdays ahead.

Get that sugar spike in your blood

Save yourself from the doldrums. Eat some pastry, cake, pasta or chips. Monday is not a good day to diet since you are not at you perky self. So indulge in a little carbohydrate loading to get your body moving.  Don’t forget to eat breakfast as this is very important to survey Mondays.


Have a kick from the caffeine

We need reinforcements on Mondays. Go ahead, pull out the ammunition. Make yourself a feisty latte. It can snap you out of your less enthusiastic mood. Coffee keeps you feeling tired in the entire day. If you are not a coffee drinker, try tea or warm water for that little perk up.

Do meditations and maintain them


 In order to relax your mind prior to the crazy weekdays, do meditation. You can reach a higher level of awareness and calm. You will be amazed that you can do this anywhere and anytime. This is the best preparation for frenzy weekdays ahead of you You can put on your cd with relaxing music, sit comfortably, closing your eyes, breathing normally and just focus on your breathing. You can also do yoga poses. 


Release the pampering package


Instead of wasting yourself on weekends, nurture yourself by getting that pampering package – manicure, pedicure, massage and eating healthy food. Aside from laying down and doing nothing on a weekend, pampering yourself is a better alternative as this will replenish you lost energies, relax your body and for sure you will glow on a gloomy Monday and weekdays ahead.

Carole Payne

Carole Payne, 27 years, life coaching, advice, and tips

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