Cloudy mind? Let’s clear it!

Having a cloudy mind is not an uncommon condition. It is manifested by experiencing confusion, forgetfulness, lack of focus and an unfocused mind. This is the brain telling you that something is wrong with your life and something has to be done to it. Are you the best person you can be? You can, when you are able to clear up your mind. There are life hacks that can help you.

Having a cloudy mind seems that a cloud has taken over in your clear mind. If the symptoms you are experiencing is intense and persistent, one should seek out the help of a doctor. Otherwise, you are probably experiencing cloudy mind because of stress.

Stress can activate our autonomic response in order to cope with the anxiety or stress. With this,  our areas of the brain that processes rational thoughts are suppressed. There is a change in the brain function to cope up with stress. However, if this stress response is activated too frequently. Like if you have too many stressors at most times, then you might experience having a cloudy mind.

A stress left unchecked builds up and can lead to a meltdown. A clear mind is a healthy, productive mind. When our mind becomes cloudy, we need to bring   down our stress levels and we can do this by adopting stress – reduction strategies:


Exercising is a great way to rid your body of stress – where you can sweat the stress out. Exercise can also increase the blood flow and regulate the hormones. Aerobics exercise, dancing, cycling, or working out are all excellent options to keep your mind clear and quiet. Those who have been involved in these activities swear that their moods improved, their minds cleared up and they were effective throughout the day. Outdoor exercising is also a good activity to meet new people whom you can talk to about your woes.

Reading a good book



Reading is more like meditation. It puts our brain in pleasurable, relaxed state and it can place our body into a  deep relaxation and calm. Studies show that readers have lower stress levels and are less depressed than non  – readers. Reading allows us to disengage from the present stressful situation. It is a good method for clearing the mind


Spend a few minutes of practicing to meditate. You can just sit on the floor, close your eyes and recite a mantra like “ I am at peace with myself”. Synchronize your relaxed thoughts with a breathing pattern.   Daily meditation can have a positive effect on the brain.

Laughing  out loud

Laughing unloads the mental burden that we have. It lowers the level of stress hormones and lightens our mood. Watch your favorite comic online,  talk to your funny friends or read a comic. This will relieve physical tension, reduces stress and increase immunity…so watch your fave comedy and laugh your way to tranquility.


Listen to a soothing music

Music that relaxes the spirit can lower the blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Listen online or download soothing music and concentrate on listening to them.  Select music that is soothing like the sound of nature like the ocean waves.


Do deep breathing exercise

Before embarking on an activity set aside a minute to do deep and slow breathing exercises. Do this in a quiet place.  This will slow down things inside of you. Anytime things get crazy, just go to that quite a nook and do this breathing exercise. You can even extend the minute to few minutes if you still need to


Do yoga poses

Yoga demands that your mind is focused on the position you need to be in, so it instantly calms and clears your mind. Yoga also demands concentration thus, removing your mind from constantly thinking or worrying to focus on how your body needs to be positioned.Yoga exercises will enable children to gain focus in the schools and on the tasks that are required of them.


Carole Payne

Carole Payne, 27 years, life coaching, advice, and tips

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